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Royalty Retrieval is a service offered in conjunction with payments made within the oil and natural gas energy sectors of the U.S.

Our team handles, mediation, arbitrator services, asset management, litigation support, conflict management, counseling services and project negotiation. We pride ourselves in helping businesses - large or small, that simply need to know how to proceed in today's energy economy.

A royalty is the reward for ownership of land or mineral interests within a producing area for use and benefit for you, operators and other parties to energy exploration associated with your property or interests.

You may have heard that the United States is the world’s number one producer of natural gas. There are many areas of the U.S. that have had a huge success in capitalizing in on this energy bonanza.

Operators, producers, gas transportation companies, pipeline contractors, leasing, legal and a multitude of other industry companies have thrived in the last few years.

When dealing in an industry rich environment a lot of factors come to play to ensure the success of each project. Not all success is measured by the same metrics and calculations across the board.

Royalty Retrieval is a company that was set up to ensure that proper accounting and payment have been given to all parties involved in the lease agreements, assignments, joint ventures or other contractual obligations related to oil and gas exploration. Royalty payments are made to you, the mineral interest owner, by the energy company when oil or natural gas is extracted from your land. Royalties, which are based on the terms agreed to in the lease, recognize the landowner’s right to a portion of the value of the gas resulting from the lease of exploration rights.

Across many states mineral ownership rights vary and often are a continually evolving part of state legislation and law.  In some cases until laws or circumstances are outlined better some parties to the transactions due to the operational or legal aspects of a project have failed to fulfill their contractual obligations. This has left unpaid assets in suspense, as well as royalties not getting to the mineral interest owner or correct entity entitled to receive it.

You need to ask yourself a number of important questions when you have real or mineral property ownership.

  • What kind of interest do I have?
  • Have I received a division order that outlines my billing and payment schedule?
  • What is my decimal interest?
  • What are the terms of my lease agreement?
  • Are there wells or new production in my area?
  • How do I confirm my calculated payments?

In addition there are a lot of industry terms and definitions you may need to familiarize yourself with. There are abbreviations and mathematical equations that are used that can require an in depth knowledge and understanding.

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